Free Membership for All Ladies

If you are looking for an escape from your day to day life, then playing online live strip games may be the way to go. Play for fun or play to make money as a Hostess (YSP Hostess).

Spice up your life by playing online strip poker, strip black jack, truth or dare, strip trivia and other adult games with your friend(s)  or stranger(s). All naughty games are played in real time. Play privately "one-on-one" or in a group of people of your choosing.

All members use standard webcams, fast internet connections, their favorite messengers, and our private video chat rooms (optional).

Don't care much about unwanted publicity? Wear a face mask or dark glasses.

Join as a regular member or as a  YSP Hostess. Both types of membership are free of charge for all the ladies. What is the difference?

Regular Member

Ladies who join as a regular member do not seek financial compensation for their participation in strip games. They simply enjoy the rush of playing and undressing their opponents.

YSP Hostess

As a YSP Hostess you can enjoy the following privileges:

- make money by setting the entrance fees for each game you host
- keep 100% of the money you make (must be able to accept payments. We'll show you how.)
- you choose how much to charge and who to play with
- get gifts from other members
- get your games advertised and promoted by us

Ladies, join free of charge !


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