Strip-poker, a well known game that connects gambling and erotica. This game enticed and seduced people for years, if not centuries. People enjoy playing strip poker no matter what culture or country they come from.

Until now live strip-poker online with real people was unrealistic dream. It is only recently with the proliferation of the broadband Internet the dream has become a reality.

No more clumsy on-line video games with boring cartoon like girl-models! We decided to change that. Now you can play live strip poker online against real girls and guys! Play for fun, no gambling required!

In addition to strip poker you can also play strip blackjack, strip pool, strip checkers and other multi-player strip games.

If you are not afraid of nudity join the community of people just like you. Our members come from North America, Europe and Asia. They come from all walks of life - lawyers and waitresses, students and truck divers, home makers and soldiers. All you need is a fast Internet connection, webcam and a sense of adventure.

Why not spice up your life?
Are you tempted to join but concerned about your privacy? Wear a mask or sun glasses to protect your identity.

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